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High solids spirit based zircon coating in a creamy liquid.

KOREKOTE IZ -380 is an almost ready –for –use spirit based zircon dressing with high solid & excellent suspension characteristics .It is thixtropic in nature which enable good application properties by brush or swab. KOREKOTE IZ-380 gives excellent casting finish on steel, and cast iron based compositions.It is suitable for all types of binders backgrounds including resinous binders.


The refractory properties of Zirconium silicate are utilized for coating sand moulds and cores to impart good finish on the castings.The coating layer effectively resists metal penetration and sand fusion on the casting surface.

Conventional spirit based zircon dressing need a lot of care in preparation ,application and drying stages to achieve satisfactory results .Besides this,carrier content in the conventional washes is higher and it seeps into the mould/core surface with a possibility of a sand face weakening.Because of dripping ,wastages are also on a higher side.

KOREKOTE IZ-380 ,because of its excellent suspension properties and easy remixability requires minimum preparation.High filler to carrier ratio and high gel strength of KOREKOTE IZ -380 allows very small seepage into the mould/core face,hence chances of sand surface weakening are minimized .This makes KOREKOTE IZ-380 suitable for even organic binder backgrounds.Thixotropic nature of KOREKOTE IZ-380 also ensure non drip character and consequent reduction in wastage.

Good casting finish and reduced fettling :KOREKOTE IZ-380 develop a refractory layer upto 1mm thick in a single application and ensures good casting finish with reduced fettling costs.

Higher coverage and minimum wastage : KOREKOTE IZ-380 ,because of its heavy filler loading ,gives much higher coverage than a conventional spirit based zircon dressing in liquid form .Up to 40% more coverage may be obtained with KOREKOTE IZ -380 at the same coating thickness .Easy remixability and negligible dripping ensure minimum wastage as compared to conventional wash.In addition mould dressing time is reduced because the coating is required to be applied only once.


Excellent suspension and easy remixability of KOREKOTE IZ-380.Ensure rapid preparation of the coating making it ready for use.

Low gas content and low carbon pick up : Organic content of KOREKOTE IZ -380 is far less than conventional spirit based washes,hence it generates much lower gas .Also the possibility of carbon pick up from organic is minimum.This makes it especially suitable for low carbon alloys steel casting applications.


  1. 1. Dilute it with Spirit  for usages wherever required.Mix by hand to make the product ready –for –use.
  2. 2. While painting ,move the brush/swab at a speed that allows you to build the desired coating thickness.
  3. 3. Dress the large moulds or cores in parts and ignite the painted area immediately to avoid solvent loss by evaporation.
  4. 4. Close the container lid immediately after the required amount of KOREKOTE –IZ380 is taken out.


  1. 1. Specific gravity : 1.60 -1.85gm/cc
  2. 2. Colour : Faint Green.


30kg poly bucket.


KOREKOTE –IZ 380 has a shelf life 6 months


  1. 1. KOREKOTE –IZ 380 is Inflammable andshould be kept away from flames/high heat.
  2. 2. Replace the container lid immediately after the required quantity of material is taken out to avoid solvent loss.