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Exclusive Manufacturer and Suppliers of Insulating, Exothermic, High Density Sleeves, Direct Pour System, Mould & Core Coatings, Korestick, Mould Sealing Rope, Slag Coagulant, Alloy Inoculants, FeSiMg, Lanik Ceramic Foam Filters, Ceramic Filters, Parting Agent (W&K), Chilling Compound (Chromite Sand), Hot Tops, Tundish Boards, Hot Topping Compound etc…

Insulating Sleeves
Exothermic Sleeves - 1600M
Exothermic Sleeves - 1600 HM
Exothermic Sleeves - 1600 ND
High Density Sleeves
Direct Pour System
Korefinish GR
Korefinish ZR
Korefinish XL
Korefinish SPCA
Korefinish BDX
Korekote GR
Mould Sealing Rope
Slag Coagulant
Chilling Compound - Chromite Sand
Inocul - Inoculant for cast iron
VUKOPOR® S Ceramic Foam
Keramtech – Ceramic Filters
VUKOPOR® HT - Ceramic Foam
Hot Tops
Hot Topping Compound
Korefinish 4T
Korekote IZ 380
Korekote ZR
Diecoat 6 Paste
Diecoat 22
Diecoat 180
Korefill Paste
Korepowder A10
Korestick HH
Parting Agent GSM
Parting Agent W
Cleaning Agent CBX