Parting Agent W


PARTING AGENT-W is an excellent releasing agent. The product is a blend of silicon oil(High temp .lubricant) & water in a stable emulsion form. The product is recommended for easy stripping of shell cores/moulds.

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearances :-  Pink colour Liquid.
  2. Sp. Gravity at 30oC:- 0.98 to 1.0gm/cc.
  3. Viscosity by B4 Ford cup at 300C :- 11 to 14sec.


PARTING AGENT -W is a ready to use liquid & is applied by spraying uniformly on shell pattern (core/moulds)in hot conditions. Heavy spraying is not done to avoid unwanted deposition of residual silicon oil on dies/pattern. Initially apply the spray through out the pattern for stripping subsequently when a fine film of silicon oil is formed on dies/patterns then the frequency can be reduce depending on integrity & geometry of the dies/pattern.


  1. The product is ready to use.
  2. Stable high at temp. lubricant giving easily release.


PARTING AGENT -W is available in 20 lit.,35Lit. 50Lit polycarboys also available in 200 liter drums.


6 Months from date of manufacture.


The product should be stored at room temperature under roof and away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.