Parting Agent GSM


PARTING AGENT GSM is a special parting agent suitable for manufacturing green sand moulds. It prevents sticking of sand to pattern and ensures easy release of moulds.


While making moulds, normally sand sticking to pattern has been observed which gives difficulties in stripping mould or corebox and also gives uneven rough surface which finally lead to poor casting finish on mould.

Conventionally foundries are using graphite powder, kerosene & LDO as a pattern release agents for green sand applications. These materials are having limitations & in many cases leads to casting related defects like pinholes .Number of strips per application with the above materials are very low.

PARTING AGENT GSM forms a uniform film on the pattern. This reduces the stripping resistances and ensures an easy mould/core stripping. It enables multiple strips per application thereby improving productivity.

Even under very unfavorable conditions several release operations are usually possible.


  1. Excellent mould release giving better mould definition, hence better casting finish.
  2. Multiple strips per application, hence higher productivity & lower overall consumption.
  3. Minimum mould breakage – hence cost savings.
  4. Prolonged pattern/core box life.


  1. Product supplied in Ready–for–use form.
  2. The parting agent should be applied thinly and evenly either by hand or by spray system. Spray system gives better results due to proper coverage, particularly deep pockets of pattern.
  3. Before applying Parting agent –GSM, clean pattern thoroughly.
  4. After application spray dry air flow to avoid any accumulation of material at deep cavities.

Standard Packing:

20kg bucket.

Shelf life:

6 Months from date of manufacture.


The product should be stored at room temperature under roof and away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.