Mould Sealing Rope


MOULD SEALING ROPE is used for sealing the parting line of two moulding boxes. It is available in various sizes i.e. in diameters i.e. 4mm, 6mm, 9mm & 12mm.

Application :

MOULD SEALING ROPE is placed at the parting line of the drag half moulding box over the periphery and then cope half is placed over it.

Benefits :

  • MOULD SEALING ROPE is friendly user.
  • It eliminates the old conventional fireclay, mud and also saves time.
  • The consistency of the MOULD SEALING ROPE is such that it does not crack or break even after twisting. This ensures flawless sealing of the parting line.
  • MOULD SEALING ROPE takes the exact shape of the cavity when cope half is placed and thus seals the parting line effectively.
  • MOULD SEALING ROPE becomes hard when the casting is poured and evolves minimum gas.
  • It is refractory and plasticizer base.

Shelf Life :

Six months from the date of packing.