Korestick HH

Salient Features:

KORESTICK HH is a CORE JOINING PASTE used for joining all types of cores like Shell ,CO2,Oil sand & No –Bake etc. This paste   application creates high strength bond which holds cores against high pouring temperature & metal pressure.It will not allow to swell or blow off.There is minimum evolution of gases during pouring.Also after setting the paste ,it will not absorb the moisture.

Physical Properties:

  • Colour : Faint Yellow.
  • Appearance : Paste.
  • Specific Gravity : 0.9 – 1.1gm/cc.
  • Tensile strength :  10 – 15 kg/cm2.

(Tensile (dog bone ) shell cores ,cut into 2 halves apply KORESTICK HH ,(use preheated shell cores having surface temp.250C)

Procedure for checking Tensile Strength:

KORESTICK HH is having faster drying properties .Shell core cut into two halves should be kept in oven at temp.250C for half an hour.Remove the cores after half an hour & apply KORESTICK –HH immediately &press for 5 minutes .After cooling of cores ,check the Tensile strength .It can be used with water base coated cores.This product has a maximum store life of 45 days.


20 kg,25 kg plastic bucket.


Store in a cool & dry place.