Korekote ZR


KOREKOTE –ZR : is Spirit based Zircon coating for spraying and brushing applications. A ready to use dressing having excellent suspension and coverage properties,suitable for casting high temperature steel and cast iron.


  1. Product is used for all green sand ,CO2 set and resin bonded sand mould and cores.
  2. Suitable for spraying ,Brushing ,types of applications.
  3. Product is specially formulated to ensure high refractory ,non-wet table and non –reactive coating layer with optimum application properties to ensure an excellent casting finish.


  1. Imparts excellent casting finish ,free from sand burns and fusions.
  2. Coating inclusions are not caused.
  3. Product is easily re-mixable due to better suspension properties and gives uniform coverage ,which ensures a good casting finish ,free from veining ,fins,fusion and penetration and hences lowers the casting cleaning costs.


  1. Colour : Faint Green.
  2. Sp.Gravity :- 1.60 +/ 0.03 gm/cc.

Storage and Handling:

The product should be stored at a room temperature under the roof and away from direct sunlight and moisture.Use of safety gears and gadgets is a must while handling the above product.

Shelf Life:

KOREKOTE ZR has 6 Months shelf life.

Packing Details:

KOREKOTE ZR is supplied in 20 kg Poly bucket.


The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.