Korefinish ZR

KOREFINISH ZR is in thixotropic liquid form off-white coloured Water Based Zircon coating suitable mainly for Brushing application. Due to the presence of High Quality Zircon, It offers excellent thixotropic properties resulting in superior suspension &excellent performance at High Temperatures. It is suitable for use on most sand binder backgrounds & for almost all metal cast, including critical castings in cast iron & steel.

Physical Properties:

  • Colour - Off-white liquid
  • Specific Gravity - 2.0-2.3 gm/cc
  • Dilution Ratio - 1: 0.25-0.30 (PRODUCT:WATER)

Application Technique:

  • KOREFINISH ZR is used for all grades of Cast Iron & Steel & for Aluminium. Also can be applied on Cores & Moulds of Cold Box, Hot box & Shell Resin.
  • It is mainly suitable for brushing applications& optionally for dipping/ spraying by slight dilution.
  • To achieve homogenous & dense coating film, drying of the coating has to be conducted in an oven at temperature 160oC +/-10oC for one hour.


  • As the product is supplied in thixotropic form, thorough mixing of all ingredients takes place at the time of manufacturing.
  • Less preparation time & fast deposit of coating on cores.
  • Evolve negligible gas during pouring. Reduces rejection to casting blow hole as the coated cores do not rehydrate even on storage.
  • It gives uniform & complete coverage & ensures good casting finish, free from veining, finning, sand fusion & metal penetration. Thus reduces casting cleaning cost.

Shelf life & Storage:

KOREFINISH ZR has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture. The product should be stored at room temperature under roof & away from direct Sunlight & moisture.

Standard Packing:

KOREFINISHZR is available in 40 Kg Poly carboys.

Safety Precautions:

  • To prevent drying of the coating, replace the lid of the carboy immediately.
  • Avoid skin contact& protect eyes from spillage. In case of skin contact, wash with water immediately.
  • Do not dilute the content of coating as too much water will reduce suspension & increase penetration into core & mould.