Hot Tops

Introduction :

ACEFEED-HT are Export Grade hot tops which are highly Insulating or Exothermic, light weight, pre-baked, in pre-fabricated shapes used as feeder heads & are fitted on or Inserted in the Ingot moulds.

ACEFEED-HT have good strength, close dimensional accuracy and is an easy disposable assembly. It will offer proper feeding of the Ingots during solidification of liquid steel. Primary and secondary piping is restricted within the Hot Top portion thereby producing sound ingots without shrinkage defects. Use of Hot Tops leads to increase in yield of the steel.


ACEFEED-HT can be designed as Super Imposed, Over Imposed, Semi Inserted, Inserted, Deep Inserted as per Customer’s requirements in single piece, Four Flats, or Flats and Corner system and segmented for Polygonal big Ingot moulds.

ACEFEED-HT are also available in various sizes like self-supporting where use of extension ring could be avoided.


While using super Imposed Hot Tops (Single piece or 4 flats and 4 corners system), we recommend use of cast fabricated type extension ring/counter weight for holding the Hot Top tightly to avoid lifting or leakage.

Data required from Customer to design ACEFEED-HT:

Before we develop, Hot Top for particular Ingot mould, we need the following data from Customer.

  1. Mould drawing.
  2. Mould imprint (Where Hot Top is to be fitted)
  3. Weight of steel ingot including Hot Top metal weight.
  4. Type of steel to be cast.
  5. Whether ingot moulds are to be used at Narrow End Up or Wide End Up.

Along with ACEFEED-HT, we supply requisite quantity of ACEFEED-HTC either in powder form or in Tile form. ACEFEED-HTC or Tile is placed immediately in Hot Top portion as soon as liquid metal rises in Hot Top portion. As soon as the liquid metal rises in Hot Top, the powder being highly insulating, reduces the heat loss due to radiation. Due to expanding nature of material, radiation losses are substantially curtailed, thereby side chilling is reduced and good feed pattern is obtained.

ACEFEED-HTC is added to the rising metal surface as soon as it reaches in the Hot Top portion. As ACEFEED-HTC / Tile is having desired exothermic/insulating properties, it reduces the heat losses due to radiation to a great extent. Due to expanding nature of ACEFEED-HTC, better insulation is achieved thereby side chilling is reduced and good feed pattern obtained.

Storage precaution:

ACEFEED-HT should be stored in dry place and to be used within 4-5 months from the date of supply.