Diecoat 22


DIECOAT -22  is a special purpose conductive coating for use in gravity die casting applications. This coating is mainly a graphite water based coating having high refractoriness with excellent conducting characteristics. Because of non –wetting nature & high temperature lubricity of graphite ,molten metal does not stick to the die and the solidified casting gets easily ejected .Diecoat -22  is specially formulated to satisfy environmental consideration in respect of emitted fumes ,low toxicity and minimum fire hazard.

How to Use:

DIECOAT -22 is normally available as a pasty liquid .The coating is suitable for both swabbing and spraying applications .Depending upon the type of application selected the coating has to be diluted with sufficient quantity of water mixed thoroughly and then swab/sprayed.The coating should swabbed/sprayed on a hot die .Care should be taken to ensure that excessive coating is not deposited in pockets and deep corners on the die as this could lead to casting defects.

Indicative Specifications:




Black colour water based paint.

Specific gravity(as it is)

1.30 to 1.50



Specific gravity (dil.)

1.12 to 1.20

Standard Packing:

20 kg Plastic Bucket .

Shelf Life:

6 Months from date of manufacture.

Storage and Handling:

The product should be stored at room temp.under roof and away from direct sunlight & moisture .