Chilling Compound - Chromite Sand

Introduction :

CHILLING COMPOUND is Chromite Sand used in the foundry industry originates in South Africa.

Salient Features:

CHILLING COMPOUND is the best Chromite Sand media for chilling metal. It has the ability to draw heat from the molten metal allowing the metal to skin over faster and minimizing sand burn on. Thus will help to reduce casting rejections.

Chemical Composition:

Cr2O3: 45-47%, SiO2: 1% Max., Fe2O3: 27-29%, Al2O3: 14.5%, CaO: 0.18 typical, Max 0.2%,

MgO: 10.2 Typical & max. 11%, TiO2: 0.69%, V2O5: 0.34%, P: 0.0029%, S: 0.0029%, Cr:Fe ratio: 1.58:1

Physical Properties:

Bulk density: 155-165 lbs/cu.ft

AFS No.: 40-50


  • It is having 45-47% Chromic Oxide & max.1% Silica & offers higher chilling properties and reduces burn on sand.
  • Turbidity should be less than 250 ppm reduces the amount of resin needed to maintain tensile strength & the permeability of the sand.
  • An ADV at pH 7 <5 offers less molding sands work and higher tensile strengths.
  • In a PUCB system, low ADV will offer the resin/sand mix to become more compact and offers high tensile strengths.